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ABC is a project of nonprofit Appalachian Headwaters I

Colleen Fitts and Raine Nimmer

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Partners Name: Colleen Fitz and Raine Nimmer

Farm: Bethlehem Farm

County: Summers County, WV

Joined: ABC Members since 2019

"I'm always aware that there's more to learn and appreciate about honeybees. To me, tending the bees in our care is a privilege as well as an important responsibility, since our human actions have put their global population in danger. Learning about their society and getting to observe their work is almost magical, and I feel energized whenever I get to spend time with them. I'm grateful for the opportunity to glimpse some of the order, predictability, mystery and art of the beehive." - Colleen   "I began beekeeping only a year ago and fell in love with them after our first interaction. I love beekeeping because of the endless knowledge to be gained from their societies. I believe it is our responsibility to help bees succeed because human actions are what put them in danger." - Raine  

8xbet ggLiên kết đăng nhập Colleen, Raine, and Colleen's son performing hive inspections.

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